White door theatroCome and take part in the most celebrated Greek show in all the island. Dance and music are intrinsically parts of Greek culture, a traditional culture with deep historical roots, known internationally for its vibrant richness.

“THE GREEK WEDDING SHOW” is a spectacle unique in all Greece. It is a presentation of the music and the dance unlike any that you may have ever seen before. A unique show, in which you will sense the feeling of being not a mere spectator, but of being an actual representative of our culture.

“THE GREEK WEDDING SHOW” displays a typical Greek wedding, through traditional music and dance, in a festive spectacle in which audience not only watches but genuinely participates. The public takes part in the fun, as if they are specially invited guests of a traditional Greek family.

Among with the entrance fee you will enjoy a variatey of local tapas, with the finest flavors of the Greek cuisine such as: bread, salad, tomatoes, olives, cheese… Live the experience of a Big Fat Greek Wedding and celebrate with us in the traditional manner; music, dance, wine, and of course participate in our tradition of the breaking of the plates, as a symbolic severing of old arrangements and the start of the wedding couple’s brilliant new career.

THE GREEK WEDDING SHOW has everything that you know and love about Greece: music, wine, dance, history, tradition, beauty and fun. It is one of the few productions in the country that faithfuly captures the feeling and the attitude of the Greeks transforming them into music and dance.

The Show

 For ninety minutes, a professional cast of actors and dancers will delight us with unique spectacle.
Set in the post-war years of the late 1940s, we take part, as we were the invited guests of a Greek family, in the preparation and celebration of a wedding. The show begins in the interior of a 19th century cava, where we meet the members of the family,  who will introduce themselves and their stories during the wedding preparations.

At your dining tables you will enjoy a selection of “tapas” reflecting the traditional cuisine of Santorini. As you savor the tastes of the island, you will take an amazing journey through the best of the music and dance throughout the history of Greece with the opportunity to express your joy, by dancing and wishing good luck to your new Greek family in our special tradition of breaking the plates against the floor.

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